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Hey! Nice Package! Samurai Champloo Edition

Link to post for the giveaway: http://www.funimation.com/facebook FUNimation's DVD packaging review video blog. This week we look at Samurai Champloo Box set and Kaze no Stigma. Find out all the latest FUNimation news and fun at blog.funimation.com

Anime Next 2009

A sample of some of our fun at Anime Next.

Project A-Kon 20 : 2009 FUNimation Con Report Video Blog

Featured on blog.funimation.com. This Rojas from FUNimation. I had the chance to go to A-Kon 20 this year in Dallas and figured I'd share my experience. I think it's less about the con itself and more about people just having fun. Let me know if you're in the video. Enjoy. I'll see you guys at…

A-kon 20 Dance

Friday night's dance at the A-kon 20 anime convention. Conventions are just about the only place you can find epileptic-feared movement of glowsticks anymore. Were you there?

Suzuka – Viridian Collection Box Set Trailer

Available on DVD July 21, 2009. High school is a hectic time of change for most, but for happy-go-lucky Yamato, it's gonna be a complete revolution!

STR.A.IN. Strategic Armored Infantry – STRAIN (SUB) – 8 – Gall...

Emily is missing and likely in danger, so Sara and the team will have to venture out into the city to recover her. But the search is interrupted by a mysterious little girl and the arrival of a strange vessel.

Big Windup! – 3 – The Practice Match

Mihashi still doubts himself, and Abe always has to be the boss. If the Nishiura nine want to beat Mihashis old team, pitcher and catcher must learn to trust each other.

Ouran HSHC (SUB) – 7 – Jungle Pool SOS!

The Host Club is officially closed... Stressed with keeping up their good looks day and night, the boys are on vacation. But before the fun can get started, their rest and relaxation turns into a search and rescue Honeys missing!

Rumbling Hearts (SUB) – 6 – Wishing

Harukas condition has them all living out a warped high school daydream, as they are forced to act as if the past three years havent occurred.

The Count of Monte Cristo: Gankutsuou – Box Set Trailer

Available on DVD April 28, 2009. Seeking adventure, Albert's restless spirit leads him to a festival on the moon - and to the Count of Monte Cristo.