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STR.A.IN. Strategic Armored Infantry – STRAIN (SUB) – 8 – Gall...

Emily is missing and likely in danger, so Sara and the team will have to venture out into the city to recover her. But the search is interrupted by a mysterious little girl and the arrival of a strange vessel.

Big Windup! – 3 – The Practice Match

Mihashi still doubts himself, and Abe always has to be the boss. If the Nishiura nine want to beat Mihashis old team, pitcher and catcher must learn to trust each other.

Ouran HSHC (SUB) – 7 – Jungle Pool SOS!

The Host Club is officially closed... Stressed with keeping up their good looks day and night, the boys are on vacation. But before the fun can get started, their rest and relaxation turns into a search and rescue Honeys missing!

The Count of Monte Cristo: Gankutsuou – Box Set Trailer

Available on DVD April 28, 2009. Seeking adventure, Albert's restless spirit leads him to a festival on the moon - and to the Count of Monte Cristo.

Black Lagoon Episode 5: Eagle Hunting and Hunting Eagles Tra

Available August 19, 2008 on DVD! Why does it always have to be Neo Nazis? The Lagoon narrowly evades a missile attack as Rock and Revy locate the goods. But the painting is not enough and Revy wont leave empty handed, she insists on searching for more loot but those pesky racists pop up and…

FUNimation Quickie: August 25,2008

This week on your Funimation Update Quickie: Free Anime! Plus, your chance to show off your art for fun and prizes! Mr. Crackers unleashed! Bonus Rad: The art of bookbinding! Visit http://www.funimation.com/f_index.cfm?page=podcast for more information.