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Moon Phase – Big Brother, Be My Slave

Kouhei ranks among the best in paranormal photography, but he's never actually seen a ghost! While on assignment in Germany for Occult Magazine, he fails to capture a hauntingly beautiful young girl on camera and knows there must be an explanation. Driven by curiosity, his spiritual insensitivity proves a curse indeed as the young photographer…

Master of Martial Hearts – Silently, Like Secrets

In her semi-final match, Aya ditches her tattered schoolgirl uniform in favor of a kitty-themed maid costume. Her new look drives the crowd wild, but Aya only cares about punishing her opponent!

Kiddy Grade – Depth/Space

G.O.T.T. ES Members Éclair and Lumiere draw an important assignment. They must escort G.U. Auditor Armblast and the important cargo he carries to Planet Medeia. If they succeed, war will be prevented, and a new peace treaty will be negotiated between the planets Medeia and Faunus. But before they can reach their destination, they must…

Trigun – Under the Sky so Blue

The greatest battle of Vash the Stampede's life arrives as he faces-off against Millions Knives. One brother wants to destroy mankind. One brother must stop him at any cost.

Trigun – Flying Ship

During a massive typhoon, Vash the Stampede catches a ride through the sky on the wild winds -- and lands on a ship full of familiar faces!

Trigun – Hang Fire

With reports of new Vash sightings, Meryl returns to the work of tracking him down. Meanwhile, Vash and Wolfwood make their way to a town where a family feud has escalated into a hostage situation.

Trigun – Goodbye for Now

Wolfwood meets Lina, a girl who's having trouble with a guy who claims to be Vash the Stampede. When she's abducted, Wolfwood must team up with an odd fellow name Erics to save her.

Trigun – Fifth Moon

Vash faces off with two of the Gung-Ho Guns: E.G. Mine and Rai-Dei the Blade. When the action heats up, Vash the Stampede is forced to unleash a new and devastating attack.

Trigun – Demon’s Eye

The Roderick gang's battle with Legato is violently interrupted by the fierce Gung-Ho Guns. Just as Vash begins to investigate the incident, he meets Dominique the Cyclops, a lethal beauty with an amazing power.

Trigun – Vash the Stampede

Meryl files a report the Bernadelli Insurance Company, recounting the many exploits, misadventures, and lunatic moments of Vash the Stampede.