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Fairy Tail – To Keep From Seeing Those Tears

Natsu's own fiery fists are used against him in a face-off with a fellow fire wizard blocking his path to destroy Jupiter! Meanwhile, a very creepy member of Phantom Lord's Element 4 puts Elfman in a bind that only the might of a beast can break!

Desert Punk – A Little Bit of Wisdom

Ghost towns dot Kanto's great desert landscape. They contain valuable natural resources and priceless artifacts that were left behind, a mound of goods as proof of life. Each ghost town, named after the individual that finds it first, gets bragging rights and an unsaid pride for conquering the unknown. And the most legendary treasure hunter…

Desert Punk – Age Before Beauty

Still feeling the negative effects of being saved by the Machinegun Brothers, Desert Punk makes it into his hometown to a less than warm reception. Things are looking brighter though as he has a young new apprentice to take advantage of. But will Kosuna be up to the task of becoming a bad ass mercenary…

Desert Punk – Fire Dragon Kong

Junko pays Desert Punk a visit and offers him a very lucrative job. It just so happens that he's in serious debt, so he takes the offer (though Junko's "assets" do play into his decision). However Junko leaves out a few small bits of information. Not only will he have to work alongside the dog-eyed…

Fairy Tail – The Wizard in Armor

Erza asks Gray and Natsu to form a team with her to stop a corrupt guild from using a dark magic that has the power to sap the lives of everyone in Fiore!

Fairy Tail – The Fairy Tail

Lucy wants nothing more than to join Fairy Tail, the most rambunctious wizard's guild in Fiore. When a phony lures her onto his ship with the promise of getting into the guild of her dreams, her newest friends arrive to bail her out!

Samurai 7 – The Drifter

Frustrated by their inability to find willing (and capable) samurai, Kambei's group stops at a teashop to recharge. There, they are told of a wandering, moneyless man who chops wood with his sword to pay for meals. As they soon learn, that is only the start of this nomad's peculiar, rice-loving, philosophizing ways. But his…

Sophist Boy Has Captured The Prince

Tohru and Kisa have been spending a lot of time together, but not everyone is as happy about it as they are. Tohru learns this the hard way, when she meets a new member of the zodiac on the street - and he steals her purse! It's the young Hiro Sohma, and one way or…

Samurai 7 – The Fool

After the mysterious murder of the Imperial Envoy in the Magistrate's homeโ€”with a bloody sword as the only clueโ€”a citywide hunt for all samurai begins. With a high price suddenly on their heads, the band of samurai must escape the city fast. Kikuchiyo, the erratic and blundering machine, seizes the moment to prove himself to…

Sacred Blacksmith – Ties

Luke won't tell Cecily much about his relationship with Lisa, but Cecily isn't afraid to share her thoughts on the matter. The result: Lisa goes shopping with the girls -- and Luke's paying!