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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime – Official SimulDub...

Rimuru stands up to some bullies!! Watch it Now funimation.com/Slime Mondays at 3PM CT / 4PM ET

Golden Kamuy Season Two- Official SimulDub Clip – Edogai-kun

Hokkaido's greatest taxidermist!  Watch it Now funimation.com/GoldenKamuy Wednesdays at 3PM CT / 4PM ET

Fairy Tail Final Season – Official SimulDub Clip – Gray is...

Juvia tells the others about Gray's disappearance!! Watch it Now funimation.com/fairytail Mondays at 3:00PM CT / 4:00PM ET

DOUBLE DECKER! DOUG & KIRILL – Official SimulDub Clip – Bamboo...

After unearthing a body, the team face a chilling foe... Watch it Now funimation.com/doubledecker Sundays at 10:30AM CT / 11:30AM ET

GOBLIN SLAYER – Official Clip – Dungeons & Goblins

The lore deepens!! Watch it Now funimation.com/goblinslayer Thursdays at 3:00PM CT / 4:00PM ET

Fairy Tail Final Season – Official Clip – All Fired Up!

Natsu takes on a new foe!! Watch it Now funimation.com/fairytail Saturdays at 5:30PM CT / 6:30PM ET

Attack on Titan Season 3 – Official SimulDub Clip – Operation:...

The Scouts move out for their most critical mission yet!! Watch it Now funimation.com/AttackonTitan Sundays at 7:30PM CT / 8:30PM ET

Black Clover – Official SimulDub Clip – Fanzelle

Asta gains a new teacher!! Watch it Now funimation.com/BlackClover Sundays at 3PM CT / 4PM ET

A Certain Magical Index III- Official SimulDub Clip – The Right...

A new foe emerges!   Watch it Now funimation.com/Index Wednesdays at 3PM CT / 4PM ET

Conception – Love Ritual

The Love Ritual, a sacred ceremony that results in the birth of a Star Child ... w-wait, what exactly IS the Love Ritual?! Watch...