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Fairy Tail Season 9 – Ending Theme

Endless Harmony by Beverly Watch Fairy Tail dubbed and subbed on FunimationNow: https://funi.to/2zXDhy0 ________________________ Natsu, Lucy, and Happy return in the final season of Fairy Tail!...

Twin Star Exorcists Part 3 – Official Trailer – Available 11/13/18

Own Twin Star Exorcists Part 3 on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital https://www.funimation.com/shop/home-video/twin-star-exorcists-part-three-combo-bld-00775/ The imbalance between worlds is traced back to Sae, and to...

Kakuriyo – Official SimulDub Clip – Umi-Bouzu

Everyone is busy preparing for the Umi-Bouzu's arrival... Watch it Now funimation.com/kakuriyo Thursdays at 3PM CT / 4PM ET

The Testament of Sister New Devil BURST – Official Clip –...

Basara runs into Miss Hasegawa ... but is she what she seems? Own It 10/30 on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital funimation.com/testamentofsisternewdevil

Code Realize: ~Guardian of Rebirth~ – Official Clip – Ending

Own It 11/13 on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital funimation.com/CodeRealize

Black Clover – Official SimulDub Clip – The Shining Generals

Meet 3 of the Diamond Kingdoms most powerful mages!! Watch it Now funimation.com/BlackClover Sundays at 3PM CT / 4PM ET

Overlord III – Official SimulDub Clip – Preparing for Battle

How many men will come back alive? Watch it Now funimation.com/Overlord Tuesdays at 3PM CT / 4PM ET

JUNI TAISEN : ZODIAC WAR Season 1 – Official Trailer

The time has come for the deadly Twelfth Juni Taisen Tournament! Twelve warriors, each baring a name from the Chinese zodiac, will fight...

Hey Nice Package! – Free! Movie Collection

Today we look at the Free! Movie Collection, which includes four films: High Speed! -Free! Starting Days-, Free! -Timeless Medley- double feature The...

Banner of the Stars – Official Trailer – Coming Soon

It’s been three years since the Abh Empire went to war with the Triple Alliance. And at long last, Lafiel commands her own...